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Sweet Sleeper Replaceable Cover


Our Sweet Sleeper Calming Beds are designed with the utmost comfort of your pet in mind. The Calming nature of the bed is made to relax pets and provide them a place to call theirs.

The covers are replaceable and come in a range of colours, meaning you only need to buy the bed once but can purchase new covers whenever you deem necessary. Comfort was not second guessed in the design and really is a highlight of the bed. The filling is thick and plush, allowing a deep sleep amongst the soft raised walls to rest their heads on. The Sweet Sleeper Calming Bed is designed to give warmth and security to pets and really is a must for indoor bedding no matter what age your pet is.

All interchangeable covers are made to last and can be machine washed.

*Please note you are only buying a cover - beds sold separately*