Bark Buster Description

Is your dog's non-stop barking driving you crazy?

93% of our customers report a significant improvement in their dog's barking and social skills within two weeks of using our new state of the art Anti Barking Device called the Bark Buster.

Using new state of the art ultrasonic technology, our Bark Buster Device emits a high frequency sound every time your dog barks. This deters nuisance barking and helps prevent future bad behaviour from occurring.

With Expert Australian trainers backing our device, our unique safe frequency trains dogs to stop barking without discomfort, fear or pain.

Unlike other methods like bark collars which are based on punishment, our device uses a gentle ultrasonic sound to effectively curb barking, while keeping your dog happy and healthy!

Here at Adore Paws, we pride ourselves on providing a simple, cost-effective solution to barking, knowing that hiring a professional dog trainer can cost upwards of $200 per session, with many training sessions needed to curb barking.

Our device is automatic and turns off when your furry friend stops barking. You can use our device both indoors and outdoors, where ever your dog spends the most time.