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Treat your furry friend to a world of fun, comfort and convenience. Adore Paws is an Australian-based retailer offering the latest in luxury pet products & accessories.

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Designed by Pet-Lovers for happy & healthy companions.

We are an Australian owned manufacturer that knows a man’s best friend really does has four legs. All staff members of Adore Paws are owners of pets, from small cats to big dogs and due to this we know the importance of happy, healthy companions.

What our customers say

"I recently bought the Adore Paws calming bed for my anxious rescue dog, Bella. It's been a game-changer! Bella used to pace around at night, but now she snuggles into her bed and sleeps peacefully through the night. It's so comforting to see her so relaxed. Thank you, Adore Paws, for creating such a wonderful product!"
Samantha L - Proud Dog Mom
"My older dog, Bailey, has started to get anxious as he's aged. The Adore Paws calming bed has been a wonderful comfort to him. He used to pace a lot, especially at night, but now he sleeps so much better. It's heartwarming to see him rest so peacefully. Adore Paws, you truly cater to the needs of all dogs!"
Chris J - Dog Owner
"I bought the Adore Paws calming bed for my anxious Jack Russell, Toby. It's like magic! He used to be so restless at night, but now he settles right into his bed and sleeps soundly. It's such a relief to see him so comfortable. Adore Paws, you've made our nights so much more peaceful!"
Jessica R - Dog Owner
"As someone with both a dog and a cat, I've always struggled to find products that suit them both. Adore Paws has been a lifesaver. Their accessories are such high quality and adored by pets! These products are my absolute go-to."
Angela M - Multi-Pet Owner